• Getting Bugga dressed the other day in his overalls to go do his Man Stuff, and he questions, looking at me confused, “Seatbelts?” Holding back laughter, I say, “Yeah, Bugga, kinda like seatbelts for your pants.” He laughs, looks at me sympathetically and replies, “No, Ma, seatbelts for my undywears.”
  •  Running full force to my lap from across the room, Handsome whines, Up Up. I scoop him up, snuggle his adorable face into my chest, hoping to sniff in all his baby goodness, and he farts, repeatedly on my arm, lifts his head off my shoulder and proudly presents an OOOh face, giggles, and jumps off my lap. Just like that he is a man.
  • Bugga said Happy Mother’s Day to me…he pulled all the books off the shelves in his room and peed on them, then promptly told me his doings.

  • First day of setting an alarm to beat the kids up to actually get shit done…hear said alarm, roll over to turn off, look at Handsom’s monitor (him supposed to be sleeping down the hall). He also just waking up. Really??! I swear they feel me looking at them.
  • As I am drying him off after a bath, I look at Bugga getting so tall and say, “Bugga I can’t believe what a big boy you are becoming. You are growing up so fast.” He puts his hands on either side of my face and says, “Don’t worry Ma, you grow up one day, too.”

  • “Abbergabors are really big Mommy.” I reply, “Really Bugga? And where do you find these Alligators?” Bugga, serious as all get out, looks at me and says, “You don’t look for Abbergators Mommy, they get you. I kick them you ’cause I love you.” –Glad you’d take on an Abbergaber for me kid.
  • Breakroom (Bugga: breakfast); potty-o (Handsome: potty); Chribbage (Bugga: Christmas) Me don’t know (Handsome)

  • Kids get into toliet cleaner at my moms and pour it in the tub, using a toliet brush to spread it around. I come into the room and gasping, “we don’t ever play with cleaning chemicals. You can get very hurt. Only mommy’s and daddy’s use this stuff. Understand?” “Yes.” As I clean up, they are sent to the playroom. I overhear bugga, “When I am a Daddy, I will let my kids play with chemicals.” Haha, ok kid, ok.

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