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cropped-11831795_10207287349327192_2375633999039887749_n.jpgI am a woman. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a college graduate. I am a teacher. I am a wife. I am a mother.

But, who am I?

All these titles are why I decided to start this blog. Who am I? Somewhere between graduating high school to go off to college and cleaning the poop from my oldest child off the floor, life happened, and I am not quite sure who this me is any more.

Sound familiar?

I want to create a space where you can sip your third cup of coffee while sitting in a stained t-shirt, your toddler climbing up your leg, in a kitchen with a few more dishes than you’d like in the sink, and know you’re not alone.

Go ahead, I’m doing it too.

I graduated college (the third time) and began teaching, realizing a dream of mine come true. I kissed a lot of frogs and finally found my prince (who, on this Blog I will refer to as Hubste20150411_214042r). I gave birth to my first son (Bugga), and then returned to work for a year. Got preggers, and then my second son (Handsom), soon came into our lives. It seemed all my dreams were coming true. The final dream, becoming a SAHM, just recently became a reality.

Then, almost like a fog settled in and quickly lifted, I felt like I suddenly no longer knew who I was. Other than a bunch of titles that no longer seemed relative, I am not so sure who I am anymore. At the very least, the lines have been seriously blurred and I am now so many more things.

You too?

Somewhere my dreams changed, I’m not so sure I want to be a SAHM everyday. I love crafting and reading, get lost in fantasy when watching TV and movies, am a hopeless romantic (I have all the first cards Hubster ever gave me), and would live on ice cream and pizza (if they were acceptable food groups.) But, I also don’t mind my house being overrun with Paw Patrol, rereading the same book 12x to Bugga, or holding Handsome while wrestling two dogs (I know, crazy right?)20150902_200802

It’s a crazy life. But, it’s mine. It’s ours.

Feel free to stop back, grab a snack, and laugh as you relate to the stories of my self discovery. Or, better yet, join me. Just like you, I’d love to know I’m not alone.

Much love,                                                                                                Mellisa

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